I love podcasts.  I have really gotten into listening to them the last few years.  My favorites are by far the ones that tell stories, I am also a fan of science, history, crime and current events.  I am picky when it comes to my podcasts.  I need to be entertained, I don’t like ones that get off topic constantly or tell side stories unrelated to the content. So rest assured the list below may be short but they are my absolute favorites.

Unladylike – modern day, all-inclusive feminism meets research.  The hosts of this show have been working together for a while, and you can tell! They are in sync not only with each other but the world around us.  They talk about the expectations and pressure society places on women through amazing relatable stories.  As someone who really enjoys data and feminism, this podcast is my favorite.  These two also used to host Stuff Mom Never Told You, which has a similar theme.  Check out their classics episodes for additional feminist fun.

Radiolab – best described as a podcast examining the line between science, philosophy and the human experience.  Their shows are always entertaining, I have listened to them all and never not finished one.  It is the type of show that reminds you of all the things in the world outside your everyday existence.

Lore – folklore stories at their finest, complete with creepy music and a suspenseful sounding host. These shows are short, the perfect length for the drive to and from work.  Lore explores true stories, which often show a dark side of history not normally explored. I wouldn’t recommend listening to these home alone.

American History Tellers – different than most history podcasts, each episode is an immersive experience that truly transports you back in time.  The podcast has the framework of a story, with the content of a history lesson.  This is quickly becoming one of my go-to’s.

This is Love – this one is new, but it’s from the makers of one of my favs listed below.  They talk about real life love stories. The kind of stories that are heart-wrenching but always worth it in the end.  I am excited to see where this one is going.

The following podcasts are crime related and are not acceptable for all audiences.  I wouldn’t just throw these on when you are in the car with someone unless you’ve given them a listen first.

Criminal – best put as “A true crime podcast that understands crime.”   Criminal features short stories, each examining a different real-life crime.  They cover everything from con-men to murder. Each episode is captivating, the narrator’s voice is truly perfect for the genre.

Serial – the podcast that got me into crime podcasts. The first series explores a murder case, one in which the person convicted of the crime may not have committed it.  With each episode, you are thrown back and forth on your stance of who committed the crime, and what counts as reasonable doubt.  The series was so well done that after an appeal, the judge ordered a new trial.

Sword and Scale – for a deeper and gruesome look into true crime this is the podcast for you, it is definitely not a podcast for everyone though.  For each episode is usually at least an hour long, they cover a crime and law enforcement response to it, everything from 911 calls, court testimony, family members, and victims can be included.  It gives you a bigger picture view of the crime than any other podcast I know of.