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I got engaged over the weekend, exciting right! Yes, yes it is. We went to Canada for a weekend trip to Banff National Park. The drive through the mountains was beautiful. And Banff (the town) was adorable. We had intended to go hike the trail that overlooks Lake Lousie but misinterpreted the amount of snow Canada has at this time of year. The climb was attempted but after two hours hiking with ice cleats, we were winded and did not know how far we had gone.

All of the trail signs were covered by 4 to 5 feet of snow, and the elevation gain was intense so it was hard to estimate our distance. Neither of our phones had data either, but the forest was beautiful and so calm and quiet. It was a serene experience to be so far away from everything. It was also a reminder that Mother Nature is powerful, and we powered through the avalanche zones rather quickly.


We decided to turn around, and once back to the bottom checked out the frozen lake. It was set between two tall dark gray mountains, and even in the overcast sky, it was stunning.  We walked around to a good spot to take pictures and my Fiance loves a cheesy travel pic, so he told me to spread my arms out wide and smile. I did, a little begrudgingly, then he told me to turn around and do the same thing. I did not want to, as I am not a cheesy picture person, he asked again with “please for me?”




So I did and spun quickly back around where I found him on one knee. At first, I thought he was kidding, and I glared, but once I saw the box I realized THIS WAS FOR REAL. He said nice cute things and asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes.

My hands were slightly swollen from hiking and the ring was really cold so it was not fitting on my hand, until I all but shoved it. Now that my fingers are back to its normal size it fits much better.  Someone saw the proposal taking place and took pictures, she asked if we wanted them, and of course, we did! It was so nice and thoughtful, I emailed her an amazon gift card today!

We picked out the ring together. I knew I did not want a diamond, don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous but I wanted something unique. I did a lot of research and found that next to diamonds, sapphires make the best long wear jewelry because of their hardness rating. I saw the peach champagne sapphire with rose gold and knew instantly that is what I wanted. We went local and had it custom made. Depending on the light the stone color ranges from light pink to peach or a peachy pink.



Back Home

While my Fiance went back to work expecting a normal Monday, I knew I would not be so lucky. I felt like the thin rose gold band and perfectly peachy pink sapphire on my left hand was under a spotlight and visible from outer space. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited, but I don’t like sharing my personal life with everyone and deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is personal.

Almost immediately people started noticing, THE RING. I mean, it is gorgeous, so I get it but so many questions! It has been less than three days! I am not even used to this thing on my hand, it keeps getting stuck in my hair and I scratched my face with it today… I know graceful.

My boss literally shouted with excitement and I had the ‘deer in headlights’ look when the engineering manager asked me if we had a date in mind. My internal dialog was as follows…


The date?

Today’s date?… what is today’s date?



It was just awkward, I don’t think any of them even know his name. If anyone asks me about kids, I am walking away.

On Monday my Fiance had not told anyone at work, because “no one asked.” He also didn’t mention at the gym because “he felt weird.” Hmm, well if you had a shiny rose gold ring YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A CHOICE. He reminds me that I don’t want to take it off ever, and I agree.

Social Media

I waited an entire 48 hours before putting the news out there. We wanted to tell those who were important to us first, and we wanted to enjoy it for ourselves. It was like a cute little secret. I am not into confessing my love for anything, except maybe my cat and ice cream on social media, so announcing something so personal online was a little weird.

I am that person who just shares things, and posts occasional couples pictures and status updates of my cats. BUT since I didn’t have to do the proposing, I figured that I could make the social announcements, after all, I have been told I am the PR rep for our relationship. So I did, and yes it is nice to have so many people congratulate us.

In case you were wondering the cats are also excited, mostly because they thought they could eat the ring.

Wedding Planning

When people ask me if I have a date in mind, most of them don’t realize that we have been talking about our wedding for at least 6 months now and worked out most of the major details. For us it was easy, we started with asking each other what we wanted out of our big day and if there were any must-haves. We are really focused on having a great day, that expresses us individually and collectively. We also are challenging ourselves with a less than average wedding budget, and evaluating what will make the day special for us.

Spending the rest of your life with someone means you are on the same team, you want the same things and you are going to work toward them together. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be any different, it takes organization, delegation, and communication to get everything where it needs to be. We are co-managing the wedding, just as we will co-manage our lives together. There will be times when someone has to take the lead but that doesn’t mean they keep it. They just get us down the path until we can walk side by side again.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for stopping by! I am going to be doing a mini wedding series soon on how to throw a beautiful, frugal wedding, stay tuned!


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